A shadow is a subject shorn of detail. A shadow is a map at once from, and of, the subject. A shadow is a visual simplicity – a representation of a subject’s ontological point of distinction from all else which surrounds it. Shadows belie the nature of all subjects as (compositions imminently in flux) imminently distorting; (a shadow’s distortions in response to changing light an allusion to matter’s continual response to the assemblages in which it is embedded) always in flux; never as properly stable as they may at first appear. A shadow is a subject in its simplest, purest, most inescapably responsive form.

Umbra Edu was founded on the belief that the academic mission of colleges and universities are their institutional point of distinction. The academic mission of colleges and universities are the one indispensable element of higher education – the one definitional element upon which all other functions of such institutions are built. Constituted by, and continually (re-)forming, eager student minds, the academic mission of colleges & universities are the shadow of higher education.

Umbra Edu’s mission is to serve as a practical, adaptable, responsive resource to whose labor comprise higher education’s shadows. We seek to enhance the professional development of educators in the hybrid- and digital classroom space. We work as an auxiliary to promote enhanced student outcomes through efficacious instruction utilizing blended pedagogical strategies. Ultimately, Umbra Edu seeks to aid educators in (re-)establishing satisfaction and fulfillment in their teaching.

We’ll see you in the shadows.