Intro to Umbra Edu: Course and Lesson Access

Personal Statistics

The first thing you will see in the LMS is your own stats. The only required series is this introduction; think of it like a mandatory tutorial (gamers will be painfully familiar with this process). The point of the introduction is to position you to get the most out of the Shadow Academy, so it’s well worth the effort.

Your Series

Once you have completed the introduction, the Shadow Academy is an open book. You will have comprehensive access to all Shadow Academy content.

Launches of new courses will be announced via Shady News. Periodically, there will be material created with certain groups in mind, making it possible for us to personalize Umbra for groups of peers who may experience teaching in slightly different ways.

For example, we might create two videos on the same topic, one from the perspective of a TA and the other from the perspective of a Tenure-track/Adjunct faculty member supervising TAs. These lessons will be clearly marked.