Intro to Umbra Edu: Customization

You can make your Umbra account a little more you. Here’s how:

My Account

Add a bio…

Let other users know who you are by including a short biography to your profile.

Starting from your My Account page.

  1. Click “Profile Details.”

2. Scroll down to “Edit your Account.”

3. Type in a short bio that you want other Umbra members to be able to see.

Add an Avatar

Give some visual flair to your profile by including an avatar:

Starting from the My Account page.

1. Click “Upload” and select an image from your files.

2. A box should appear with your selected image. Most pictures will have to be resized. To do so, reposition the image so that the part you want visible are clearly shown (the shadowed borders indicate the parts of the image which will be cropped to fit the WordPress’ file size limitations).

3. Once your image is centered, click the crop button (highlighted in yellow below) and wait a few seconds. The image should then appear where your default avatar had been.

4. Click “Save Changes.”


Your fancy new profile can be used to connect with other Umbra Members by checking the “Show my profile on public Members Directory.” By default, your profile, and information contained therein, is only visible to you and Umbra staff.

Click “Save Changes” when you’re finished.

Your custom profile is now ready to enter the Shadow Academy.