Shawna M. Lesseur, PhD

Shawna is an interdisciplinary scholar who brings more than a decade of college teaching, faculty/instructor advising, and student development experience. She is a QM-Certified Instructional Designer with expertise in student transition and retention, inclusive pedagogies, international student support, and writing instruction. She also has eleven years of experience in leadership development coaching, including Strengths-based team building. Her diverse work experience spans roles in Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Research Affairs, Public Safety, and teaching in several different fields.

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Alex Kreidenweis, MPA-MPS

Alex in shadows taking picture, dog in foreground

Alex Kreidenweis, MPA-MPS

Alex is a scholar and instructor of international politics who believes passionately in the transformative potential of research and education. With more than a decade of experience in higher education he has pursued innovative course designs that adapts experiential, project-based, and active learning principles to a variety of disciplinary settings. Beyond higher education, his work experience includes policy analysis, legislative advocacy, and non-profit management.


Winry, Toka, and Izumi

Dogs on logs with shadows

Bork Interns

These girls contribute a combined eight years of experience in bringing joy into the world, photo bombing, and barking at inopportune times.